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Please follow these steps to back up your data to a USB (flash drive, external hard drive, etc.) drive:-

  1. Insert a USB drive into the USB port on your computer
  2. In Cashbook Complete, click on the “File” menu (top left of the screen)
    Choose “Backup Cashbook Data”
  3. Click the small ‘magnifying glass’ icon next to the “Backup Folder” box
  4. Browse through the list of drives/devices and select your USB drive.  Tip: Windows will usually identify your USB drive as a “Removable Disk” – e.g. Removable Disk (F:\)
  5. When you have selected your USB Drive, click “OK”
  6. Click the “Backup” button

When the backup has finished, you will see a message that the “Backup was completed successfully”.  When you are ready to remove your USB drive, it is recommended that you eject it safely to avoid data loss.