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If you have hardware trouble or your data becomes corrupt, you can restore your backup to get up and running again, as follows:-

  1. If Cashbook isn’t installed, you first need to download and install it again
  2. Put your most recent backup into the computer
  3. Start Cashbook Complete, then click on the “File” menu and choose “Restore From Backup”
  4. Click “Browse” to find the backup copy of your data file on your backup device
  5. Select the data file you want to restore, then click “Open” to start the restore process

After the steps above, the software should say the restore was completed successfully.

If the file you’re restoring was registered at the time you backed it up, then it will remain registered once you restore it.  However, if the file you backed up was an unregistered file (on a trial basis), then it will continue to remain on a trial basis once it’s been restored.

If you don’t have your own backups or your backups are very old, please search in the Help in the software for “Automated Backups” to learn how to restore a backup that Cashbook has made itself.