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Here’s what some customers and accountants have had to say about Cashbook Complete.  The following testimonials are all unsolicited:-

It is the BEST value for money accounting software bar none. I've tried the others and they're too confusing. I love it. Cheers.
Mac Johnson
Can I just say... I have over the last few days done trials with Quickbooks, and a number of other programs, to the point of pulling my hair out, and then I was blessed when I came across your software! So easy to use, unreal, great reports, everything I need... and you know what the worst bit is, I have a Diploma in Accounting! Two thumbs up to you!
Sharon Locker-Lloyd
I have used Cashbook Complete with my consultants for the last 16 years. Brilliant accounts package which I now use for three Consultant Cardiologists.
Jo Horton
After wasting 4 hrs of my life trying to do a Quickbooks trial to no avail, I installed your software and had my company file setup in mins. Very similar to what I had previously been using and I’ll play with it for a week or so and probably purchase it. Very easy to follow, especially the video tutorial.
Mark Harris
I have now used your impressive software for 12 months+. The ease of operation is just amazing, why are most of the others so difficult? We are a small, community based Tourist/Visitor Association and our board are very impressed when each month they receive a financial report, not with general category figures, but with each entry specified and categorised. They now know what is going on. Our accountants are likewise most impressed, and told me that they have referred a number of their clients to Cashbook Complete. So, thank you very much for the fine product, and good luck with your future.
Peter Lisberg
I thought that having been a user of Cashbook since around 2001, it's about time I made a comment. Given the program has performed flawlessly for around 16 years now I guess my wife and I just take it for granted. There have only been a couple of times we've run into problems and they've all been our fault! Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next update.
Wayne Hicking
I have been using Cashbook Complete since November 2001. A total of almost 16 years and I would have to say that I would highly recommend to anyone who requires an easy to understand, use and follow, accounting program. I love the updated version especially the ability to send my invoices in the PDF format. I have used Quick Books (too many bells and whistles for me) and have also tried MYOB (not user friendly at all) and have found Cashbook the easiest, user friendly program of them all. Thank you heaps and I am certainly happy that all those years ago, whilst surfing the net, that I found Cashbook Complete. Oh and by the way, the one off payment is even better.
Judy Davis
As treasurer to two national incorporated societies, one of which is GST registered, I chose Cashbook as the simplest, best documented, and best "value for money" financial reporting product that meets our needs. I have never regretted that decision and recommend you to people searching for a similar solution.
Neil Gyde
Cashbook is the easiest accounting software package I have been around for a small to medium business. Thank you for having the courage to develop the programme and bring it to us the public.
Neil Borlase
I have talked quite a few clients, especially those that aren't that great with computer skills, into buying Acclaim. It is the easiest programme that I have come across and I can't recommend it enough and those clients using it love it to bits. It is amazing that you do so many free upgrades and there are no annual fees. I was amazed that when I mentioned to you that a client wanted a spell checker, you came to the party within weeks. It is now a feature that I use all of the time, as our invoices can be very long in the details.
Pauline Hubbard
Hey there Team. A quick note of appreciation, I've been using Cashbook Complete since 08. Not only does the program itself continue to impress me (particularly when compared to many of my clients' competing programs) but the ongoing support with free upgrades is a breath of fresh air in an industry choked with vested interest.
Bryan Flanagan
The Personal Computer Helpdesk
Much appreciated Kris. It is so nice to hear someone on the phone who actually understands what I am saying and can give me advise that helps. You do a great job and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. My generation are not so computer savvy and when we strike someone with such patience it really helps. Thank you.
Judith Kime
Cashbook Complete is a superb program. I have used it for years and am always impressed by its versatility and ease of use. Your product backup is the best I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for making a big positive difference in administering my business.
Bruce Walter
It works well between my accountant and I via Dropbox. It does all of our Project costings and Invoicing down to a tee. Invoicing and Packing Slips etc are very good. Importing of data works well from a downloaded QIF file with NO errors. Once you have set up the accounting categories its easy! Cant rate it enough!
Tim Mote
Just thought I would give a couple of minutes and tell you that I really like Cashbook Complete even more now after the latest update. The ability to directly email PDF's is a welcome addition, your program is just wonderful and so easy to use, I have recommended it to many people, thank you.
Karen Robertson
I have tried 'Xero', 'MYOB', 'Sage' and 'Quicken'. I bought Cashbook a while back so started using it this tax year 2016-2017. Wish I had started using it earlier. Does not look as flash as the others, but Cashbook just does a good job, and is more affordable. Just needs the 'Boost Your Business' section up and going, but other than that I highly recommend Cashbook!
Howard Chapman
Laidley Carpet Cleaning
We have used Cashbook Complete previously and love the fact this Accounting Software is user friendly.
Brenda Van Bael
I thought my previous cashbook software was good but yours is many times easier to use – more intuitive and has slashed the time taken to produce my six month GST return from hours to minutes. Thank you! Importing straight from the bank website and the setting up of rules are two significant steps forward and I’m looking forward to assigning invoices to payments directly from the cashbook page for a seamless cashbook experience. It just gets better!
Lance Hastie
Your programme is wonderfully easy to operate and so functional. I'm so happy that I took the extra time to hunt out a different programme, and your programme with all the nice comments from happy buyers seemed to assure me that it was a good one to try. A refreshing change from a programme that I was using, where there were so many anomalies and when I complained that I was having so many problems importing from the bank, and that your programme was a breeze, and they finally sent me back an email, which said "even though there are instructions to import from the bank, it is not really recommended, and it would be easier to do it manually" and that was after telling me to find someone with a little bit of computer experience!!! Each email I sent I would have to wait a day for a reply, so it is nice to know that, if I should ever need assistance, you are only a call away.
Kim Tully
Today I had a computer problem that required reinstalling the software on another computer and restoring from a backup. Previous experience with other software made me very nervous about the outcome, but I needn't have worried. After making sure I had the most recent version of Cashbook Complete, I ran the restore function, and we were back in business. Both the update and the restore were quick and straightforward, and worked exactly as they should have. It has saved me a great deal of time and anxiety. Thanks again.
Mark Bodycoat
I still reckon Acclaim is the best accounts software for small business operators like myself, and preach its virtues to others looking for a hassle free program. I have been using Acclaim since April 2001 and it has never let me down.
Keith Flinders
Thanks very much for developing this package. It is so easy to use, so quick; I can't believe how fast it is now to do my GST return and end of year stuff.
Kazik Kaczon
I wanted to say that I have had time to experiment with the new features of Cashbook, and I am all the more impressed. It sure has made accounting a much easier chore for me. Tracking the Accounts Receivable Aging has improved my cash flow tremendously, and being able to email my invoices has saved me a little money already. I anticipate the money that I save on faxing invoices will pay for a vacation by the end of the second year. Be assured that I am promoting Cashbook to many of my colleagues.
Keith Hull
This is the best value cashbook software I have ever seen and used.
Warren Bailey
We have been using Cashbook Complete for over ten years now for our butchery business and have never been let down. It has been a fantastic program, a good investment, and has fully coped with all our invoicing and database requirements as well as offering a comprehensive cashbook, budget and reports. Also, having the free upgrades is great. I have considered changing to Quickbooks for the cashflow forecasting and other extras, only because I will be using the software anyway for another business, but decided against it because I like having Cashbook's 10 years historical data at my fingertips, and it really is doing all we need!
Jackie Lowry
Just a quick note to thank you, after recently purchasing Arrow Driving Academy I was looking for a user-friendly software package, and I found it with Cashbook. I took a crash course yesterday after downloading it from your site. So now I can sleep soundly knowing that my financials are up-to-date and correct.
Yolanda Selvatino
You have a new happy customer Richard Ellery (Richard's Construction) after I installed the demo system I gave to him last year to try. He has taken to it like a duck to water.
Alistair Baird
Top program guys. I have been using it for 1 plus years. Excellent results. Keep up the good work.
Andy Slater
Congratulations! On such a great product. I have been searching the internet for the longest time to find a small business package that is not complicated and stupid, and one that will do all of the complicated tasks for me. I have been using Quickbooks, and in spite of how they claim that it is easy to use, it is not, it gives me headaches to use it. I have fell in love with Cashbook Complete, and I have only been trying it out for about half a day. I feel like it was made just for my small business. This software package really does do the work for you, and it is so simple to use and understand.
Mike Parker
I have been most impressed with your software. I have recommended it to a number of my clients who have (with my assistance) installed it, set it up and now use it on a regular basis as licensed users. Every client has been pleased with your software. Some have been delighted. This is most reassuring to me, as even a year on, I have received no complaints about it.
R. N. Jackson
Chartered Accountant
I would just like to say congratulations and thank you for your Cashbook program. I am really impressed with your program and have recommended it to a lot of different people who are now using it also. My mother is a tutor at the Christchurch Institute of Technology and she is teaching people with small businesses how to run them effectively and efficiently. She is impressed with the simplicity of your program and has recommended this product to her students. Well done! keep up the good work.
Amanda Rossiter
Many thanks for your prompt reply. Always good to know you have a fantastic support service.
Rosemary Lang
Have just found your new upgrade and am thrilled! Have used CC for the past 2 years or so, even tho my accountant STILL encourages me to try MYOB and Quicken, both of which I've installed and uninstalled TWICE because once I do, I remember how much I HATE them!!! We asked Rosie if we could use her testimonial; here's what we got:- Business people with senses of humour!!! I couldn't be happier! Thanks guys! Glad to see you were "tickled". Shall not only uninstall MYOB now, but will give it away to some other sucker! *grin* so that they can enjoy??? it. Of course you can use my words for testimonial - I'd be honoured! But where was a sane sentence in my email??? Now hubby and I can install the new stuff and stop blaming each other. Have a fantastic day. You've made mine!
Rosie Leggat
I just have to tell you that your Cashbook Complete program is the BEST! I'm no accountant by any means, but this sure beats QuickBooks & MYOB hands down for a smallish business like mine.
Janice Kalyniuk
I have been using your fine program for a few months and can report it is one of the best pieces of software I have ever used. Considering I am hopeless when it comes to book keeping I have for the first time in my life got a grasp of what is actually happening on my accounts and business. You can quote me. :-))
Chris Knight
Just to let you know that I think this is the best program that I have come across. I have registered by post, so would be awaiting eagerly for our code number, so that I may be able to access other parts of the program. Its easy to read, its easy to understand and its simple to use.
Barbara Lloyd
Not only is your company's software great, but the customer support is fantastic. I have been recommending this software to all my friends with small businesses, and will continue to do so. Have a great holiday season.
Louis Allen
Hi, first of all, thanks for a superb product. In my quest for an easy-to-use accounting system, I downloaded perhaps 6-7 demos, and even installed Sage Line 50. Many were incomprehensible! Sage in particular was such overkill, it was unreal. I installed your product, and in two days had last years accounts finalised! And the future will be easier, most contacts are now loaded. So no problem registering the software after only a three day demo period. Great Value!
David Miller
Thankyou Jamie for your help. Mission successfully completed. We are VERY pleased with your program to date and your prompt response to our query is great!
Peter Farr
I LOVE IT! Thank you for allowing me to download this program. It is just what I was looking for. We have started a small business and this program is letting me keep track of the projects and we have already printed (and collected) our first invoice.
Linda Bartlett
Thanks Jamie - great program - I'm raving about being able to download my statements from the ASB Bank to everyone who'll listen - it is so fantastic & such an easy program to use.
Rosalind Le Bas Walker
Found in Google search - looking for something functional but simpler and more efficient than MYOB for sole trader small business use. Tested and liked 🙂
Jo Leadbeatter
I just wanted to let you know that Cashbook Complete I believe is one of the best accounting software applications out there. Very very very easy to use. Good reporting. You don't need to be a genius like a bookeeper to use MYOB like what you have to do to use Cashbook Complete. So I just wanted to thank you again for such a great product.
Ty Eilbeck
Thank you Kris for your prompt attention to restore functionality of Cashbook Complete. Resolved issues perfectly. Your immediate availability and informed advice rectified this issue - The service you offered once again consistent with any previous (rare as they are) with Cashbook Complete... Highly commendable service... Outstanding response... something one rarely finds from software providers these days. Acclaim has proved a true exception on every occasion I have needed assistance.
Richard Rowntree
Com-Centre (CE) Ltd
One of the best I have used!! I know I have only been using this software for a short while, but I love it. From the start, it has been easy to set up and use. Being able to download from my bank account and credit card transactions gives me an update of expenses and income very quickly. I own a business and have been a treasurer for a local sport group and I have used different accounting software systems for a very long time. I wanted something simple for my personal finance. This is it!!! Thank you, thank you.
Sue Jacobs
Derek Paton
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Suzy Crump
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Dave Abbott
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