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If a file opens as “read only”, it means that the data in the file can be viewed but not changed. There are typically three reasons why you might see a “read only” message when starting Cashbook:-

  • If you are opening a backup file – this is normal
    Let’s say that your main Cashbook data file is called “Example.cb” and it’s kept in the default location, which is the “Cashbook Data” folder in your “Documents” folder.  Now let’s say that you also have a backup copy of your “Example.cb” file in some other folder.  When you open the copy, Cashbook will detect that you already have a file called “Example.cb” and it will say “This file is a copy and will therefore not be editable!”.   In this situation, you should close Cashbook and open the master copy of the file from the “Cashbook Data” folder instead.
  • If you are opening an Automated Backup file – this is normal
    If you open a file such as “.OLD”, “.BK1”, “.BK2”, or “.BK3” from the “Automated Backups” folder, Cashbook will detect that you’re opening an Automated Backup file and it will say “This file is in the Automated Backups folder and will therefore not be editable!”.  Automated Backups can be viewed but not changed.  If you need an Automated Backup to become your main working file so you can make changes to it, please go to “Help” in the software and search for “Automated Backups”.
  • If Cashbook is not installed in the correct location – this is a problem
    If you’ve installed Cashbook to a folder other than the default location, we recommend that you uninstall the software, then reinstall it again to the default location on your “C Drive” that comes up automatically during the installation process.  Uninstalling and reinstalling the software is safe to do, and your data/registration remain intact.

See also:  Error: “Database is opened exclusively or has the read-only switch set”