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Most printer problems are the result of corrupt printer drivers, affecting the way Cashbook and the printer communicate. Problems may include the following:-

  • Nothing happens when you try and print
  • You can’t do a print preview *
  • Printouts appear to be missing information or show unusual characters
  • You get errors when trying to print preview or print

* A print preview is controlled by your printer, not the Cashbook. You must have a printer installed in order to do a print preview.

Cashbook Complete doesn’t have any printer specific logic in it. It sends exactly the same information to all versions of Windows, and it is up to Windows and the printer drivers to manage the information correctly. If any of the above problems apply, then we recommend that you do the following:-

  1. Uninstall your current printer drivers
  2. Download and install the latest printer drivers for your printer, from your printer manufacturer’s website
  3. Download and reinstall the latest version of Cashbook

The above 3 steps should resolve most printer problems, but if you still have trouble after that, please contact support.